Born Roland Vaughn Knibbs III (Vocable), was raised by his mother, and recently deceased father (Roland Vaughn Knibbs II). His latest single "Sing To Me (Tribute To Dad)", is dedicated to his father who was the first person who ever taught him what music WAS and still IS.

His passion and heart are solidified in his music. His message is clear, and concise, and packed with inspiration. He has a way of telling his story in-depth, with conviction, and flat out truth. Also, he has an unmatched way of channeling a wide range of his emotion, and uniqueness through the art-form of rap & hip hop. There's a story to be told and recognized, but as he would say, "Let the music speak for itself".

In 2005 (Vocable) began writing rhymes, and would bring them to school to perform in front of his class. Where he started to get recognized for his talent. He wrote a poem that same year, and it was inducted into a book called "Poetry Parade". This was the beginning of his long journey. Being a naturally creative individual from a young age, he would draw pictures; that same creativity that sparked his interest in drawing carried over into the music he makes today.